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The Essential Dirt Bike Gear Guide

junio 29, 2022 9 lectura mínima

The Essential Dirt Bike Gear Guide

To enjoy dirt bike riding, you need to make sure that you have the right gear. If you are new to motocross or other dirt biking activities, it can be useful to better understand the different gear that you absolutely need and how to pick the right gear for you. This article will take a look at everything that you need to know about what type of gear you need and how to select the right gear for your needs. Reading on, you will get a comprehensive guide so that you can invest in high-quality dirt bike gear to stay safe when riding.

RISK Racing Rider on his ktm 250sxf flying through the air after hitting the takeoff of a large feature on a motocross track. There is no part of the track showing under the rider only the hillside in the background. The rider is wearing risk racing's ventilate v2 motocross gear.


What Factors to Consider When Buying Dirt Bike Gear

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid when you are purchasing dirt bike gear is one of the most essential parts of buying the right gear. This section will take a look at some of the most important considerations when purchasing dirt bike gear.

Finding the Right Fit

There is a delicate balance to finding the right fitting gear. You should never have anything that is too tight, nor should you have anything that is too loose. The gear should have the right level of snugness to stay on your body and protect you as it should in case you get into an accident. Look for things that are adjustable, such as pants with an adjustable waist as these can fit you better.

When you try on the gear, you should sit down as if you are riding the bike. This is important because it ensures that the gear isn’t restricting your movements or is uncomfortable. The gear may seem like it’s too big on you, but this may not be the case when you sit down in a riding position. You don’t want items like your sleeves or pants to ride up, leaving your skin exposed and increasing your risk of injury.

Motocross gear that is loose enough to allow a full range of motion, and tight enough to ensure maximum protection and no separation exposing the riders skin. The gear set pictured is risk racing's ventilate v2 red and teal motocross gear

Durable Construction

It’s also just as essential to make sure that you are choosing high-quality gear that is incredibly durable and well-constructed. This is because the gear is necessary to keep you protected while you are riding. If the gear has subpar construction, you will likely be left unprotected should an accident happen. The gear should have reinforced stitching and be created from highly durable materials.


One factor that is often overlooked when you are buying dirt bike gear is ventilation. You want something that has great ventilation and breathability, otherwise, it can be incredibly uncomfortable riding in it. This is especially true when you are riding during the hot summer months. Materials that offer a lot of ventilation and breathability can ensure that the air flows around through the gear as well as wick away sweat from your body. This will help keep your comfort level higher even when the temperatures outside are higher.

Motocross gear ventilation systems are extremely important for dissipating body heat while riding. Risk racings ventilate v2 gear has both intake and exhaust venters that can be open and closed by a zipper system. Risk racing's motocross gear has intake and exhaust zipper vents to allow cool air in and heat out. A model is posing from the side showing the risk racing exhaust vent the on the ventilate v2 mx pant

Think About Water Resistance

Do you want to have the option of riding your bike no matter what the weather conditions are? If so, you need to consider items that have water resistance. There are a few things that are important to remember about water resistance, however, before you invest in these products. First of all, they aren’t 100% waterproof, which means that they can only protect you so much in the rain. Water-resistant gear is also often far more expensive, so you want to make sure that this is actually something you want and need before you invest in this gear.


Just because you need gear that can protect you doesn’t mean you can’t value the importance of having something that fits your style. There are so many different options for the type of gear that you get, so you can find something that fits practically any style that you may want to achieve. It can be just as important to feel and look good in the gear as well as get the peace of mind knowing that you’re protected.

Motocross rider turning in a deep rut on a motocross track, there are several lines of deep ruts on either side of the motocross rider.  They are riding a 2022 crf 250r and are wearing risk racing's red/black style ventilate v2 motocros gear and white/red J.A.C. V2 tear-off mx goggles to match the red of the dirt bike they are riding.


Price is another major consideration when choosing the right gear for you. Most people don’t have unlimited funds to buy dirt bike gear with. There are some pieces that are worth spending a bit more on, but there are other pieces that you can get away with saving money. For instance, you get exactly what you pay for when you buy items like helmets and these are important, so spending more on these items can give you safer products.

Think about how much you can and are willing to spend, then start looking at the gear that fits into your budget. You can find items that will work for your price range and needs.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Buying Dirt Bike Gear

It’s also important to take a look at some of the biggest mistakes people make when buying dirt bike gear so that you know which mistakes to avoid.

  • Buying a Helmet That Doesn’t Fit Properly

Beginner riders often make the major mistake of buying a helmet that doesn’t fit them properly. A helmet that is either too tight or too loose won’t provide you with the adequate protection that you need to stay safe.

A helmet that is too loose means that your head will bounce around more within the helmet, negating some of the safety features helmets offer. A helmet that is too tight will be uncomfortable and can cause headaches, which can take away the fun of riding.

  • Not Getting Gear That Fits Properly

As previously mentioned, fit is such an important factor to consider when you are buying dirt bike gear. It isn’t just about how the gear fits you in general, but there are other things to consider. For instance, when you buy a jersey and you intend to get a chest protector, you need a jersey that fits you well when you are wearing the chest protector. If the jersey is too tight before the chest protector, you won’t be able to properly wear one. You also need to consider the knee brace or pads that you are wearing when choosing the right pants for you.

If you don’t get the right fit, you will be uncomfortable, and you won’t get the optimal levels of protection from the gear.

Motocross rider wearing all their hard pieces of protection under their gear. The rider purchased mx gear based on being able to fit a chest protector under the jersey, and knee braces under the mx pants. This allows the rider to seamlessly wear their protection without sacrificing style and having to wear the chest protector over the risk racing ventilate v2 gear the rider is wearing.

  • Getting Gear that Isn’t Comfortable

If you get gear that isn’t comfortable, chances are that you’ll either not wear the proper gear when riding or not go out riding as much. You want to be protected and comfortable in whatever gear that you are wearing. 

What Gear is Essential When Riding Dirt Bikes?

Now that you know how to select the right dirt bike gear for your needs, it’s important to look at what gear you absolutely need when riding. In this section, you can learn all about some of the essential items that you need to be as safe as possible when riding your dirt bike. Choosing the right gear, like the items at Risk Racing, can make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable. 


Easily one of the most important items that you need to invest in is a helmet. The severity of any injury to the head/brain makes this an important item that you must have when riding any dirt bike. Protection is the biggest thing to consider when buying the right helmet. There are some helmets that are better than others at ventilation, which is also something to consider when buying a helmet. Be sure that the helmet offers full-face protection.

A helmet is one item that is worth paying more for because you are paying for the latest and greatest in dirt bike helmet technology. This gives you the most protection, should an accident occur.

Thumbnail from Rocky Mountain ATV's review of the best mx helmets. Six brands of mx helmets laid out showing the features that make a high quality and safe helmet.


Boots are another important item when riding your dirt bike. These not only protect your feet, ankles, and shins from debris and potential crash damage if an accident occurs, but they can also ensure that your feet stay on the pegs while riding. Ideally, you would get dirt bike boots that should ride up a little bit higher than mid calf to offer you the most protection, especially from the heat that the engine gives off.

It's also essential that you look for ankle support in these boots. This will not only provide added stability when riding, but it will make a huge difference in protecting your ankles from injuries. Take a close look at the buckles to make sure that they are made from quality materials, otherwise, they can easily fail when riding. This will leave you susceptible to injuries when riding.

 Moto boots being worn is essential for rider safety the feet and ankles are so vulnerable from so many aspects. Sharp dirt bike pegs, high speeds, and big impacts. The feet and ankles are the first body part to take the abuse which is why mx boots are so important.


Dirt bike gloves are another type of gear that may often be overlooked. But gloves are also pretty essential pieces of gear to have when riding a dirt bike. The right gloves will help you have a better hold on the grips when you are riding a dirt bike, something that can be especially important when you are doing activities like motocross. But they will also protect you from injury in case an accident occurs. There are certain things that you must look for when choosing gloves to ensure that you get the best protection. You first want to make sure that any pair that you buy has a durable stitching, high quality materials and rubberized palms to provide excellent durability and grip. It’s also important to look for dirt bike gloves that have extra protection built into the knuckle areas. Since the knuckles are among the most sensitive areas in your hand, it’s extra crucial to make sure these are protected when riding. 

RISK Racing Ventilate v2 red/white moto gloves with reinforced thumb fabric to prevent the blistering known as "yamathumb" and a silicone palm for grip as well as silicone palm for smart phone use. The motocross glove is on a white background, with the fingers semi curved.


Regular jeans just aren’t going to cut it if you want to be as protected as possible when riding your dirt bike. Not only will they not provide you with the protection that you need when riding, but you will also likely ruin your jeans if you try riding in them. Instead, select a pair of pants that were specifically made for dirt bike riding. These will provide the best fit when riding and provide you with the best levels of protection.

risk racing mx pants red, black, & white ventilate v2 mx pants on an all white background. Motocross pants such as this are extremely important for riding, these pants are responsible for protection, cooling, comfort, and mobility all at the same time.


The good news is that selecting jerseys in the right style for you is probably the easiest part of buying gear, as these come in a variety of different styles, colors, and features. In many cases, this gear really just comes down to style preference, unless you are looking at specific features like moisture-wicking, micro perforation, and a tapered fit. 



Googles are an essential piece of gear when riding a dirt bike. Think about all of the debris that gets kicked up when you are speeding around on your bike. Doing this without any eye protection can cause a miserable experience and leave you at risk for injuries to your eyes. Dirt bike helmets are designed to use a separate goggle lens system and don’t necessarily come with the helmet you purchase.

When choosing a goggle and helmet setup, you really need to make sure that you are selecting a combination that is compatible with each other. Otherwise, you sacrifice fit, which can leave you more susceptible to injuries.

J.A.C. V3 roll-off motocross goggles. High quality roll off system ensures reliable pulls and clear vision no matter the conditions.RISK Racing J.A.C. V2 tear-off motocross goggles

Understanding the Different Types of Goggle Systems

Tear-off and roll-off systems are the two types of systems that you can choose from when getting dirt bike goggles. This section will take a closer look at these options so that you can determine which one works best for your needs.

Tear-off Goggles

Tear-offs are really just clear lens covers that you put over the lens of your goggles. The issue with this option is that they can easily collect the dust and debris when riding, so you may need to stop to pull off a layer so that you can see better when riding. This can lead to the problem of figuring out what to do with the tear-off lens while you are riding.

Motocross tear-off googles ensure you can maintain clear vision while debris is flying and sticking to your goggles. You can simply pull the top layer of the tear-off for fresh vision.

Roll-Off Goggles

Consisting of canisters that get installed onto your goggles, roll-off goggles provide the same purpose when riding: to ensure that you can see where you are going. The canister consists of a simple pull cord and roll of film that gets pulled across the lens so you can always have a fresh line of site! You will need to pull this cord twice to get the best visibility when riding. The timing of doing this is important because you don’t want to be in a situation where you need both hands on the bar.

Motocross rider wearing risk racing J.A.C. V3 Roll-off goggles while accelerating up hill. The rider and bike are very dirty from the race and the rider has used the roll-off system to maintain clear vision.

Which Option is Better?

Generally, this comes down to the preference of the rider. Each option has its own pros and cons to consider. People may prefer the different options for different scenarios. If the weather is rainy, they may opt for a roll-off option because they offer the best options for cleaning the lens. This is also technology that is always getting better, which is something else to consider.

Tear-offs require a lot of stacks to use effectively, which can lead to visibility issues when you have so many stacks of lens covers over your lens. 

The Difference Between Knee Braces and Knee Pads

When you are selecting knee protection, you typically come across the options of either a knee brace or knee pads. These are similar items, but they aren’t exactly the same exact items. Knee pads are a cheaper option, which provides you with basic impact protection of the knee when riding.

On the other hand, knee braces offer you the highest level of protection as they not only provide you with impact protection to both the shin and knee. They can also prevent hyperextension as well as lateral and torsional injuries to your knee. This piece of gear has a pivoting point, which also has a backbone that runs along the side of the knee. This means you get the stability that knee pads just can’t offer.

If you are looking for the best level of protection, choosing a knee brace is a much better choice.

 Side by side comparison image of knee braces and knee pads. Knee braces are on the left and knee pads are on the left. Knee braces prevent excessive lateral movement or hyperextension, as well as impacts to the knee. So knee braces offer higher quality protection. However, knee pads allow for more mobility while padding the knee from crash damage.


Choosing the right gear can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to dirt bikes. Fortunately, with the right information, you can make the best choices for your needs. Remember to consider the type of dirt bike riding you enjoy and decide on a budget before you go shopping. These are some of the most important considerations when choosing the best dirt bike riding gear.

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